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The virtual, globalized universe has become a reality. Just yesterday it seemed far from us, but today it has become a part of our daily lives and the way that we communicate, giving rise to excitement as well as to fears of the unknown.

As musicians who transmit our musical waves throughout the world, should we be afraid of globalization and the virtual universe? Unfortunately, the globalization of culture too often leads to a deafening homogeneity…

Yet it has equally become easier for artists to be in close contact with their audiences; this reality should be an advantage for developing rich and fruitful exchanges that broaden our cultural activity. It nonetheless seems difficult to build coherent artistic careers that keep their meaning and direction from their roots to their ramifications. Today, as in the past, cross-cultural approaches that are devoid of any veritable artistic outpouring – mixing and matching of just any sort – are the danger that threatens those who rely too strongly on inspirations from another geographical or cultural source.